Has anyone ever measured “mental load?”Maybe we can look at statistics on suicide, violence, substance dependence… If it were real, then men with shorter life expectancy would seem to be bearing more load of some kind… At least in relation to their natural capacity.

Therefore, it is rather unfair and illusory to say that the female gender has more of it without much to back up that claim. In fact, the evidence may point the other way..

It is hopefully more agreeable if we say, as Buddha reminded us about 2600 years ago, that the world is full of sorrow (could that be another word for mental load), and the root of sorrow is “desire” (if only my partner shared more of the load and he should!). The solution? Question that desire. Uproot it.

Please don’t interpret as an injunction to give up, yield, and so on. It’s good to know what you want. Wisdom is to see what the other also wants and to look for a common ground so we both can get some of what we want. Seeing and looking for a win-win is much better than going for win/lose..

Love, not desire, mutual-understanding, not premature judgement, will conquer it all.


Source: You should’ve asked

Source: You should’ve asked

Having created a blog, One notices that the home page shows “NoThing Found.”
That would be OK, but, it continues with: “We apologize that we could not find any content.”
No content is also OK. But, is there any need for an apology? 🙂
In any case, let me right this wrong.

Now, Go live 🙂
Or, even better:
Be still and know that I am..